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Welcome....if you are like me, you never thought you would be here....a member of the club no one wants to belong to.  I became a member on a cold day in January, when my 18 year old daughter walked out the door and our life.  In her wake, she left shattered lives and broken hearts...mainly mine.  

In the days and weeks that followed, I was consumed with despair, loss and shame.  Though typically an upbeat, social person, I began isolating myself and soon fell into a deep depression.  I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, but I knew I needed help.  

While suffering in silence, I started researching and studying the phenomenon of estrangement and I quickly learned I wasn't the only one!  In fact, there were actually lots of parents, who like me, had been abandoned by their adult child.  And although it is an epidemic, albeit a silent one, affecting thousands of families not only in the US but across the globe, there wasn't a support group for parents until now.  Though I had no experience or any idea how to go about starting a support group, I was fueled by the desire to help others and mend my own broken heart along the way.  And through the support, encouragement and help of many, including my husband, PEAC International was born.  

It is my prayer that you find encouragement, support and education here, in the company of others, who are on the same journey. 

Aimee J. Palmer

Mother and Founder

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