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Are you running alone?

As a hurting parent, you may be asking, “What did I do wrong? How could God let this happen? How will I survive? Where can I find help? Is there any hope?” Providing answers to these questions is why PEAC International, a parent led group offering support, encouragement and information on estranged adult children exists.

Remember, we are in a long-distance race….you have to have it’s a marathon not a sprint mind-set. You may have no clue as to where you are in the race…what mile are on. Maybe you have had a glimpse of the finish line and it’s just around the corner or maybe you thinking “what finish line…I haven’t had contact with my child in many years and I have given up.”

If you are running alone, don’t. Alone, we can be overwhelmed by loss, grief, succumb to obstacles and our fears but in community there is courage, strength and hope. When we share common pain and goals…there is healing. In community, we can find the encouragement we need to finish the race by doing the hard things we might not ever attempt on our own. We might need to educate ourselves, modify our expectations, alter our mind-sets, explore truths of who we are…. as a parent, in-law, spouse….and find others to travel with. Don’t run this marathon alone. Step by step, side by side we can finish our race…however long. If I can keep running, then you can too even if it’s uphill all the way. We can do it – together!

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