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The Eternal Perspective

In recent months, I have noticed that PEAC website’s traffic has increased. Estrangement seems to be on the rise, and we shouldn’t be surprised. No family is perfect, even from the beginning. In the Bible, Adam and Eve became estranged from their father (God) because they were disobedient, lied about it and even tried to blame Him for their wrongdoing. If that wasn’t bad enough, their oldest son kills his brother (Genesis 3:1-24 and 4:1-12). Even the very first family was dysfunctional because sin had entered the world.

Throughout the Bible, there are many examples of parenting and families gone wrong. In the Old Testament, King David must flee from his own son, Absalom who is trying to kill him (2 Samuel 15:19-37). In the New Testament, God tells us that fathers and sons, mothers and their daughters and daughters-in-law will be against each other (Luke (12:53). Even knowing what scripture said, I was not in the least bit prepared, when my daughter turned against me and walked out of my life leaving me devasted, paralyzed from grief and unable to go on. Over time, I was rescued from my despair, and you can too.

It literally has been my faith that has saved me. The knowledge that my life here on Earth, the pain I experienced at the hands of my beloved daughter is only temporary. It is the eternal perspective that has given me peace and the ability to enjoy my life, even without my daughter. You see earth is not my home. My home is in Heaven and there…there (Heaven) is no pain, no heartbreak, and no estrangement. Truly my time on earth is very short and Heaven is for all eternity, so I view the pain, the trials, and all the difficulties I currently suffer as only short-term. I look forward to going home where my heart is no longer broken, and estrangement does not exist. Regardless of whether my daughter is in or out of contact with me, this belief has given me the ability to choose joy and not only survive but thrive in this life on earth.

It is my prayer for you that you too can find peace in your life, regardless of your circumstances, by having the eternal perspective. It is by grace that I have been saved and while I may not have ALL the answers, I am happy to share my journey, so please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more on how you too can gain the eternal perspective.


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